Crowlands Heath 9 Hole Golf Course

Based in Greater London, near Dagenham & Romford, The “East End” golf club has over the years, gone from strength to strength as the course has matured.
Built to USGA championship standard, the links style course provides a unique challenge to golfers of all levels.

Although only 9 holes at present, with 4 tees per hole, it plays with the variety and scope of 18.
The owners are very proud of the quality presented by the course, and justifiably feel that the accolade of ‘probably the best greens in Essex’ is well deserved.

The best way to describe our fantastic 9-hole course is to hand you over to our Club Pros, who take you on a hole-by-hole detailed analysis below…
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Hole 1 & 10

A good drive up the left side is required to be able to see the green for your second, although don’t turn it over too much or you will be out of bounds or the long rough will swallow up your ball. The right side is more safe but be sure to miss the two bunkers waiting to catch you out.
The trouble at the green lies at the back in the form of a bunker and to the right in the form of a hollow. Play to the left side of the green and take two putts for a solid start.

Hole 2 & 11

This is a good par 3 which can test all of your clubs depending on the wind. The lake in front of you can catch a miss struck shot and be sure to be straight to avoid the two bunkers either side of the green

Hole 3 & 12

The best way to play this hole is as a left to right dog leg as the course designer planned it. This way you can avoid the bunkers either side of the fairway and leave yourself with only a short second into an extremely undulating green. If you are a long hitter and are feeling brave then you can take on the green, but be careful. This is the shortest Par 4 on the course but it has many hazards waiting to catch you out.

Hole 4 & 13

This is the longest Par 4 on the course and requires a well struck drive to be able to reach the green for your second shot. It is fairly open when playing from the tee so there is no need to play safe but watch out for the bunkers up the right side of the fairway. It is better to play for the left side of the green when playing your second to avoid the three bunkers which are waiting to catch the shot that leaks right.

Hole 5 & 14

This long Par 3 has no bunkers up by the green but that doesn’t make it an easy hole. A well struck iron or fairway wood is required to hit the two tiered green and watch out for the lake to the left. Although most will carry it, many a poor shot has found this watery grave.
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Hole 6 & 15

This tiny Par 3 can really catch you out. It only requires a short iron, but it is a very small green. Anything right or short left is likely to catch one of the bunkers and if you carry the bunker on the left then you’ll probably end up down the slope. Miss the green here and you’ll need the touch of Tiger to get up and down for par.

Hole 7 & 16

This is one of the most attractive holes on the course which requires a solid, straight drive from the tee. Water, long rough and bunkers are there to catch you out. Try to keep it as close to the right side of the fairway as you can to open up the left side of the green for your second shot. Bunkers short left and long right make it vital to get your club selection right when playing to the green. The green itself is split in two by a ridge running through it so be sure to see which side you need to hit for an easier putt.

Hole 8 & 17

A good Par 3 with bunkers short right and long left. If you can, you should try and land your ball front left of the green as this will feed into the middle on the right to left slope. Watch the right hand pin placement as any shot missed right leaves a difficult up and down.

Hole 9 & 18

This is the longest hole on the course which can be a card wrecker. Out of Bounds and long rough up the left and hidden bunkers up the right make it tight off the tee. Hit a good drive here and the long hitters can reach the green in two shots but be careful, lots of bunkers wait for an off line shot and remember the Out of Bounds also stretches all the way up the left. A score of 5 or better is an excellent finish to what we hope has been a very enjoyable round.


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